Social Media Fatigue: 7 Important Insights to Avoid Burn Out

fatigueRemember when life was simple and Twitter and Facebook were “it?”  Feeling like you’re drowning in your social media efforts these days?  Well, you’re not by yourself.

With the launch of Google+, some people have drawn the line and said “no more!”  They have no idea whether they should become active on this latest platform and don’t care because they’re up to their armpits with social media tasks to do already.

The point is you should do what’s best for your business, and if joining Google+ [or other social media platforms] will be helpful, then you should add this to your bag of marketing tools. How do you avoid social media fatigue, then, if you’re adding more to your daily “to do” list? Here are 7 important insights to avoid becoming the latest victim of social media fatigue.

  • focus your efforts on what your goals are: what do you want to accomplish for your business through your social media efforts? Keep your social media activities focused on these goals. If you have multiple goals, start with the highest priority, get comfy with those tasks, then tack on the next goal. You don’t have to accomplish everything at once – phase them in.
  • develop  a strategy: with the proliferation of social platforms, develop a strategy and become active only on those sites that complement your strategy and overall goals.
  • create a calendar: and stick to it! Within the calendar, also allot times for getting certain tasks done. It’s easy to get distracted on social media platforms because, well, they’re social by nature, and it’s easy to get sucked into browsing. Before you know it, you’ve just gone over your time allotment and haven’t completed what you needed to. If you need to, use a timer to keep you on target.
  • interact with others in your industry: to understand what the best practices are for social media marketing. Implement these practices to minimize the trial and error in accomplishing your business’s goals.
  • use tools to accomplish tasks like searching, posting,  and monitoring quicker, easier, or more automatic. The best part? There are plenty of free tools for the asking that will fit this bill!
  • schedule down time in your calendar: yeah, I know, you’ve just said, “Yeah, right!”  Even the most passionate ADHD entrepreneurs can’t maintain an intense pace 24/7/365 without some breaks. Building in even small breaks will do wonders for your energy, stamina, and sharpness. Consider outsourcing your social media tasks during your downtime.  Look no further than Social Media Services to take care of your needs. :-)
  • remember social media goals are long-term investments: with few exceptions, social media marketing efforts and results will take time to achieve.  Match your expectations to this generalization and pace yourself to prevent burning out before realizing them.

What other steps do you take to help you stave off social media fatigue? Let us know by adding them in the comment section below. Thanks!

To Your Business Success,

Becky, for Social Media Services


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